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I figured it might be worthwhile to give little testimonies of this Bulletproof journey I’m on in case anyone is curious, inquiring or already kicking tush at it.

Officially, I’ve been sipping [& thoroughly enjoying] the Bulletproof Coffee With Butter since summer 2014 [info & instructions in the link! ^] & I might go as far as to call myself a “lifer” in the making.

A faithful bagel, Starbucks Blonde Roast with half & half + 1 Splenda & afternoon Redbull consumer — this was a very different groove that I wasn’t sure I was willing or able to get on board with.

I was made my first butter coffee early 2014 but went back to my old faithful. It wasn’t until Tree, so kindly, made one for me every Monday morning prior to commuting to Kansas City that I became mindful.

I had energy, I felt good, I didn’t feel the repercussions of a sugar crash & my hunger didn’t bark at me until well after 1:00 PM.

Among all this awesomeness, even more began to surface. I was suitably on the Bulletproof pony for several months when I ran out of honey [sugar/sweetener substitute added to each brew, to taste]. Inherently of me, I used a Splenda packet as a, just this once, alternate. I was beginning my second thermos of coffee when I realized I was experiencing the worst headache I could ever remember having; my head, my jaw, even my teeth.

Lightbulb moment: the Splenda.

But it was just a one time use?

[insert] My favorite result of the Bulletproof Coffee that has since progressed to the Bulletproog Diet: with the depletion of processed foods & refined sugars my body is able to speak to me thus I am able to take notice, listen & make adjustments based on what my body has sensitivities to & outright does not support the digestion of.

This way of eating has changed the way I view food from being cognizant of additives, the effects of sweeteners & insulin-raising foods to acknowledging warning signs in my body post eating grub. I feel empowered & en route to gaining control of how my body feels & functions via what I put in it.

Im hoping to narrow down my seasonal allergies & a sensitivity to alcohol that came about a year ago. So far I’m finding that my eyes & tum are the most telling when my body isn’t feeling it.

We received the Bulletproof book as a Christmas gift & I’m excited to dig into the info. It includes the science behind the program, guidance on food, sleep & stress & how it affects our ability to achieve our state of high performance.

Below are some substitutions I made in the beginning that helped get the ball rolling. I’m mindful that this, in fact, is a lifestyle change & therefore encourage myself to take it step by step, sub by sub. We do still cheat on occasion, I mean, cmon. Who can sub Chipotle? Unfortunately, it’s how we feel after we cheat [headache, tummy ache etc.] that reminds us these foods are not good for us & reassures us were moving in the right direction.

• Honey vs. Sugar/Sweetener
• Kerrygold Grass-fed Butter [unsalted, silver wrapping] vs. Butter/Margarine
• Lundberg Rice Chips vs. Tortilla Chips
• Hummus vs. Dips



• Sweet Potatoes [boil, mash, add a little grass-fed butter & honey] vs. White Potatoes
• White Rice vs. Brown Rice due to its acidic properties
• Rice Noodles [in the spaghetti aisle] vs. Spaghetti Pasta which includes 7 ingredients vs. rice noodles 2 ingredients

• Corn has been completely eliminated due to its acidic & GMO properties
• Grass-fed beef has taken the place of traditional store bought beef, chicken & pork
• I am a big craisin eater & I’m slowly trying to eliminate them due to their acidic properties; this goes with any dried fruit
• All veggies & fruits are bought in raw form
• Unfortunately, cheese has acidic properties & I’m working to eliminate it as well. The only cheese I keep in the refrigerator is goat cheese

I don’t know everything there is to know about food & the affects it has on our minds & bodies but I seek to soak up knowledge from sources smarter than I.

I hope my journey encourages, motivates & possibly makes it easier to get started!

I believe we deserve to feel good, look good & radiate good from the inside out; I’m realizing I don’t believe any of that comes from diets, fads or hours upon hours of exercise but rather awareness of what we put in our bodies, confidence & a grateful heart.

Get your #buttercoffee on & give it a whirl. Frothy coffee might be a game changer for you as well.

Until next time….


5 thoughts on “bulletproof | in pursuit of an alkaline body

  1. Elyse says:

    I am all over this post. It’s amazing how after a 24 day clean eating challenge your body does speak to you when you “cheat”. Makes it not worth it. I am still in the process of narrowing down the foods that hurt me but this article helped a ton. And it’s Saturday morning and I have time to try whipping up some butter coffee. Thanks for the recipe and awesome info. I think we should have a convo on what restaurants and dishes in the Dub-K follow this type of mindful eating. A little inspo for a future post? Maybe you can get some free food out of it since you’ll be giving shout outs :))

    • Everyday Beaut says:

      So happy to hear!! How’d the coffee go? You got my wheels turning this morning on scoping out ICT eateries – lets do it!! Thank you for the feedback and continued inspiration. xx #happysaturday

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