Intangible Friends

Unchartered territory: stumbling upon someone you know via social media but up until now, never meeting them face to face.

What a funny & new concept to ultimately know a lot about someone but to have never met them. And then, on occasion, you do cross each other’s paths and you think…

“Hey, I know you!
Buut, I don’t?
Soo, how’s your dog?”

So what’s the protocol here? Is it the typical introduction & inquisitive nature to find out more about them or is it acceptable to start shooting from the hip on topics/things we clearly already know they take part in?

Is there a fine line between seeming nosey and just being friendly?

That being said, tis the beauty of social media: to connect with individuals, near & far, with the toss-up of linking up beyond the profile & filter & alternately in the flesh. [planned or unplanned is TBD]

The world is a great big place. I’m thankful I live in a time where I am able to share my life & passions with others & find inspirations in others social media contributions as well.

Cheers to sorting through the [maybe] awkwardness of meeting our social media frans in the flesh & even [maybe] becoming tangible friends.


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