Grey Life

[patience: composure, backbone, cool…trust.]

[virtue: goodness, quality, purity…faith.]

The practice of the first while in pursuit of the second have me presently living in the grey; in the still & calmness as time continues to shed light on the virtue of patience.

Because patience is hard & it’s challenging & because it’s part of our journey that sometimes takes us a different direction than we originally planned.

But rather than seek discouragement I will chase peace. I will chase laughter. I will treasure the beauty in my grey life I entertain today because there’s something to soak up in this moment of limbo; I’m sure of it.

My journey, my work in progress, my adventure, my truth; if only I have eyes to see it as such. To fight the misconceptions that I should be anything or anywhere other than where my two feet ground right now. To know my purpose is to serve the present without the fixated thoughts of tomorrow(s).

And while this is not my first limbo, nor will it be my last, I hope to continually get better at riding the waves as I keep my eye to the sky & my face to the Sun.

Cheers to our journey; our truth. ☀️



“Free yourself from following other people’s path or worrying you are not “on track”. You feel real freedom in direct proportion to how connected you are to living your truth — embrace the beautifully crooked path right beneath your own two feet. There is no where else you “should” be, step fully into the space you are standing at this moment. It is your own, and where true freedom lies.”




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  1. Trina says:

    I look forward to your blogs! Your are so insightful and wise at the age of 28. Wish your blogs were more frequent:)

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