• Ujjayi •

Holy hiatus.

A hiatus filled with many ujjayi breaths.

[Ujjayi Breath: an ancient yoga breathing technique that helps calm the mind & body; victorious breath.]

The season we find ourselves in is continuously changing & our response to the transition is individual. With each season unfolds opportunity for growth, self improvement & realization that we are right where we need to be. The cognitive choice to bend & trust versus resist is ours to make.

Insert: ujjayi breathing.

Among circumstances that have me feeling hectic, scattered & disjointed I turn to the deep, cleansing breaths of ujjayi breathing; to aid in regaining focus of my mind & release stress or tension.

I know that my journey is individual & full of purpose & I am grateful for it. 

As Pastor Groeschel spoke this Sunday: success is not final & failures are not forever. | We are all a work in progress that may or may not require more #ujjayi breaths in some seasons versus others.

“There are no mistakes in life, only guideposts of self-discovery on one’s journey to self-love.” • Walter J. Klimek


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