In Pursuit

It was a goal of mine this year to begin each day with thanksgiving — prayer, meditation & yoga. Like most resolutions they require persistence and even when getting off track can return to primary focus if we set the intention. 

I sat on my mat this morning for the first time in a couple weeks. [yikes, I know]  

Not only detached from my mat but also detached from my typical prayer persistent heart = me a little jumbled & rightfully so. 

Came to mind: I remember a sermon of Pastor Ed Young’s last year where he talked about the difference between us versus God being in the driver seat of our lives; how we try to force things, situations, happenings, choices rather than give God our trust & allow him to steer & navigate us = a little jumbled versus at peace. 

This morning on my mat I sat in the still & the darkness. Why my eyes well up in moments like these I’m never really sure but it’s not entirely uncommon. Sometimes just going to my aunts church after a long time of not hearing her speak does it to me. 

A full heart, a seeking heart, a heart in need of TLC but most of all a heart in need of some quiet & still conversation with her Creator. 

I have found so much rest in yoga; rest of my mind, ease of my body & goodness for my soul >> paired with prayer & intentional moments of gratitude in the morning & I am centered once more. 

Being on my mat this morning reminded me of the wonderful yoga instructors I connected with in Kansas City as well: Kristina & Kelly. Their energy & passion were so undeniable that I was taking their 6 AM & 5:30 PM classes with utmost happiness & eagerness. 

A prime example of two people entering my life for a short moment (tangibly) but how great & lasting their impact has been & will continue to be. 

This morning reminded me that beginning my day intentional, humbled & centered provides a peaceful heart & the best foundation for the day to come. 

“I give up freely what is no longer serving me. I release it to create space for what inspires me.”

I seek to intentionally make space for that which gives me peace, rest & harmony. 


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