…keep running 

Amid conversations in relation to the confederate flag, gay marriage and anything else politically left or right, I am reminded the definition of “distraction”.

There is a lot of transparency these days on the ways our society uses “distractions” in order to further their specific agenda but in another way I am reminded of the word “distraction” in my personal life; where it can stem from and what it can and does mean to my own well-being, nature and behavior. 

It is no secret that we become consumed by the opinions and stances of others, ourselves and proving our point…but does it really matter? Do our opinions, whether kept to ourselves or voiced for everyone to see and hear, matter? 

I like to think of myself as peon, a dot on the map; but this dot has impact. With that being said, I believe my impact will be less served shouting my opinion to every corner of the world in hopes of someone agreeing with me versus the impact I am capable of by means of my actions, my doings, my follow through and my direction; my ability to fight distraction and run toward the light. 

It’s not that I don’t care what other people do, I do! I just care less about MY personal opinion regarding your lifestyle. I would rather be friends with you than foe and I would rather see how we can work together, how I can help and if there is anything I can do for you versus figure out what we don’t have in common. 

I would rather seek your goodness in hopes that you would seek mine; lend a hand, laugh, confide in each other, share dreams and goals, acknowledge needing help in moments of our shortcomings and attempt to shed judgment in exchange for compassion. 

WWJD slogans and bracelets have come and gone, however, it’s the standard in which I hold myself.My deepest prayer and my greatest dream are to be more like Him and less of me. 

I believe Jesus is the primary example of living one’s truth and being a man of the moment; two characteristics I hope I can grow into with time.



Pursue His will and dreams.

Be fearless.

Be authentic.

Be inclusive.

Pay attention.

Put your phone away.

Ask questions. 

Look around.


Be joyful.

…daily thoughts of mine to remain in sync with my truth and to aid in being present.

When I become consumed by others views, the ugliness this world can reveal and the increase of separation, I remember that I am in pursuit of Jesus; to be like Him and to reflect what He has done and is continuing to do in my own life.

In this very moment: what would He do, how would He respond and what would He say?

I’ve began learning what it looks like to live in this very moment, to remain prayerful and mindful that I would live out His will for me today and to keep my eyes open to what and whom is right in front of me.

…as I attempt to fight distraction and run toward the light.


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