I finished the alchemist + began a discussion group with a handful of gals; they are equally promoting self-growth. 

In our first week we discussed positivity in addition to the power in letting things, people and circumstances go that do not serve us and are potentially prompting negativity in our lives. How often do we find ourselves holding onto things, people and circumstances in fear of the unknown, in attempt to fix it/them or in hopes it will pan out? 

To acknowledge that something is not good for us is empowering, liberating and down right good. 

“If you are brave enough to say goodbye, life will reward you with a new hello…” – Paulo Coelho

Intentional living of the week: allow space, breathing room + meditation with the Divine to give us discernment of whether some thing or someone should be released. Maybe there is another time for it, maybe there isnt. But there is peace in the mystery too, if we can view it as so. 


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