“You Can Do Anything”

A few months back it was suggested to me that I might be some sort of empath OR highly sensitive person (HSP). (Real nice, right?!) I began doing some research to discover what HSP truly meant and eventually uncovered that there is such thing as an experienced HSP; the ability to utilize the trait versus give it control.

We all have our “thing”, right? Our shortcomings, work in progresses, struggles, inadequacies and medicated (or lack thereof) diagnoses. I began to wonder if what trips us up is not our thing, exactly, but rather our lack of being honest about our thing and learning how to become an experienced one. 

A friend once told me, “We are all struggling. The difference is whether we learn to struggle well.”

I am fortunate enough to be surrounded by a sisterhood of sorts. From clients to small groups, friends and family, I hear and am witness to women’s testimonies, experiences, struggles and moments of glory. Life. And I am reminded daily that we are all on a journey experiencing very real things and objections. 

I was told late last year, “you can do anything”. That statement rings in my ear and echoes in my mind; it is the mantra that my heart and soul will not let go of…You can do anything. And it reignited in me that I can

What I once thought were set backs in my life revealed to be pillars of growth and renewal; moments of humility and on-my-knees surrender; realizations that what I once viewed as a weakness in myself quite possibly had a strength hidden within it as well. And ultimately I grasped that these moments and setbacks are piecing me into the tapestry I am – providing me the backbone and guts to look myself in the mirror daily and know I am worthy, I am a hot mess and most importantly, I can do anything. 

So with this, I pass the torch: Y O U can do anything. 

Whatever your narrative, whatever you think it is you can’t handle, whatever your objection, inhibitor or thing – you can do anything. Know it in your bones and at the center of your deepest core for it begins in you. 

Have trust in your journey, your testimony and your ups and downs. They are providing you the strength, courage and revelation that you can go on; that you can do anything. 

You are worthy. You may be a hot mess. And you definitely can do anything. 

Don’t doubt it. 


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