Meet the Team

Juliana Phillips – Esthetician

Upon relocating back to Kansas after a five-year stint in Dallas, EB originated in the Riverside neighborhood of Wichita – making use of a small esthetics room in a hair salon. Unsure of the future, I worked an 8-5 day job in addition to taking clients evenings and weekends. Halfway through my lease, I knew I needed to decide whether I was going to pursue EB full time or continue juggling multiple gigs. I stumbled upon a 400 sq ft rental in Clifton Square and took the leap of faith – I quit my job and went for it.

This 400 sq ft bungalow was everything I dreamed of and more: quaint, adorable, comfy, cozy, free smells (i.e. essential oils, diffuser, yumminess).

It wasn’t until I was selected to join an instructor training course for lash extensions through Bella Lash that I knew I needed more room for teachings and students.

And now here we are – in 1400 sq ft of pure heaven and comfyness within Clifton Square.

I completed my initial Esthetics education at Eric Fisher Academy in Wichita before journeying to Dallas where I continued my training with a Dermatologist and Medical Esthetician. Prior to leaving the heart of Texas, I also worked as a Territory Sales Representative for a Fortune 500 company where I received 26 weeks of sales training and a year worth of B2B sales experience.

Presently at EB I specialize in lash extensions – I am an educator with Bella Lash and host lash extension courses in the Midwest for Cosmetologists + Estheticians desiring to learn the art and technique that is lash extensions.

Aside from lashing and taking clients, I love to write, cook, try my hand at gardening and spend time with my loved ones – Oh, and I drink butter coffee! Honored and grateful, I love my job and all the different people I share this journey with. xx

Jessicah Caire – Esthetician









Kadyn Bell – Esthetician








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Rachel Phillips – Reception








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