Holiday Weaving Workshop

Can you believe November is here?! Although I can pester some – I love this time of year so much even Michael Buble gives me the Christmas-ready feels. Just in time for festive vibes, Liv Grant is coming back to EB to host yet another artful workshop – Holiday Weaving.

We first paired up with Liv in September for her Macrame (cray) Plant Hanger Workshop and delighted in her creative ways. With such a large and fun group, the day was bliss.

And now, we’re lucky enough to couple up with her once more for her Holiday Weaving Workshop – Nov. 19 2-5 PM.

In this workshop you will learn the art of weaving with the unique addition of handcrafted yarn and natural elements including a wood slab loom by the instructor, Textile Designer Liv Grant of liv+work! Through out the workshop, you will be given a choice of several weaving techniques and will be encouraged to experiment with the naturally dyed yarn, greenery, berries, pinecones, etc. While you create you can mingle, snack and learn the rich history of weaving and how each technique originated. By the end of the workshop the weavings will be bound and finished!

Liv+work will also have a pop-up shop for you to peruse at the Holiday Weaving Workshop where you can shop local for everyone on your nice list (plus get 15% off everything)! Lucky you!

Click to reserve your spot: Holiday Weaving Workshop

see ya there xx

What Are Lash Extensions?

Our most common service, a passion of mine and something I truly nerd out on (hehe) – LASH EXTENSIONS!!

When moving back to Wichita from Dallas, I was unsure how lash extensions would be received in our neck of the woods. I recognized it was a growing service down south and now following suit – it is a growing service here as well.

When exploring lash extensions and whom you might hire to apply them, there are a couple things to keep in mind. So, here goes…

Lash extensions are an art form. They take time, patience and practice to truly master the skill of placement, the art of tailoring your extensions to fit your needs and wants and to develop efficiency when applying extensions to ensure you are in and out of your appointment in a timely manner.

The extensions we make use of are made of synthetic mink and can be applied using two different techniques: Classic or Volume. Classic lashes are 1:1 – one extension per natural lash. With proper isolation, nearly each of your natural lashes will walk away lashed and extended. Volume lashes involve a technique that allows us to place multiple extensions to your natural lash – creating a voluminous look; fluffy and full. Both techniques, when properly applied, maintain the health and safety of the client’s natural lashes.

While you many be a candidate for either style, I typically suggest classic extensions for newbies and advise they can go from there.

When deciding who to hire as your lash artist, take into account a handful of things:

  • Are they certified?
  • How long have they been doing lashes? It takes time and practice to become an experienced lash artist but that doesn’t mean less tenured artists are not capable of doing a wonderful job. Hence, next bullet…
  • Do they have photos of their work visible and readily available? We post before and after photos via Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Any reputable and growing artist will be proud to show photos of their work.
  • Always look for a clean and sanitary environment.

On your quest to find a lash artist, you should be aware of a present trend: cluster lashes. Cluster lashes are NOT the same as lash extensions. While lash extensions are applied individually and involve precise isolation, cluster lashes make use of a pre-made fan with multiple lashes on them.

“The problem with most cluster eyelash extensions is that they are applied to multiple eyelashes at once and the bases are usually bulky from the adhesive that holds them together which causes follicle tension. Because lashes grow at different stages, the tension from the cluster can cause premature hair loss called Traction Alopecia if done repeatedly.” — Bella Lash

If you’ve stumbled upon a salon or spa offering quick, deeply discounted or cluster lashes it would be worth your time and in your best interest to look elsewhere.

Lastly, while lash extensions provide for easy mornings and a mascara-look without the hassle, they do require a little TLC. Make sure you choose a lash artist that is dedicated to educating you on how to maintain and take care of your precious lash extensions. Although caring for your extensions is quite simple, it can become an afterthought – it is necessary to cleanse, comb and refrain from touching or pulling on them in order to receive the best retention and health of your natural lash.

Do you have questions about lash extensions? For any inquiring mind wanting to know – potential lash client or not – I would be more than happy to help! Click the Contact Us tab or feel free to phone the shop.


FAQ: What Do You Use On Your Skin

Easily, one of the most common questions I receive from clients – new and long standing alike – “What do you use on your skin?”

I’ve been referred to as granola by some, a GLAMnola by a few, and I suppose my skincare regimen lands somewhere in between (hehe). My skincare favorites have evolved over time but there is one thing I believe in and that works for me: natural skincare + professional product boosts offer great results.

My daily go to’s include a natural cleanser, toner, moisturizer and SPF. My weekly professional product boosts include a glycolic face wash and a serum.

What I have found on my skincare journey is that less is more and we are very capable of doing more harm than good to our precious skin. Whether we are dealing with acne, fine lines and wrinkles or hyper pigmentation, we lather on products in hope it will zap our problem child.

My best skin has surfaced with a good cleanser, toner and moisturizer – leaving my skin moisturized, never dried out, and therefore never stripped of its natural oils; the use of an acid+exfoliant three times a week to slough off dead skin cells and reveal newer skin; the use of an SPF everyday.

Another aspect of my skin I take into consideration is what I am putting IN my body. Afterall, our skin is an organ and just as upset stomachs and allergic reactions alert us when something has gone awry – so can our skin. Taking a look from the inside out is something I encourage all my clients to do.

Most recently: I am currently going through TMJ therapy and throughout the process I have come to learn that we all have inflammation in our body, the side effects inflammation causes and the power it can have over our health. As a TMJ patient, I have significant inflammation in my face, jaw, throat, ears and nasal passages. Oddly enough, six months prior to beginning my therapy I had began experiencing unexplained flushing in my cheeks – at this point my TMJ had escalated to its worst.

I suspected the flushing in my cheeks was due to the inflammation in my body but it wasn’t until I jumped on an anti-inflammatory eating regimen that I began to see and feel results – in ways I was not expecting. The flushing in my cheeks has gone down, I only experience drainage in my throat when I food cheat (oops) and the bloating I once experienced after nearly every meal is nonexistent.

While there is no one-size-fits-all skincare, I believe that quality and results oriented products paired with treating our body from the inside out will get us further on our pursuit for our best skin.

Final thoughts: find what works for you, stick to a regimen and treat yourself to a facial here and there. Drink plenty of water, increase your dark leafy greens + fruit and veggie intake, and if you want to be bad in the best way possible – become a fan of dark chocolate and red wine (they’re good for skin and anti-inflammatory!!)


Lessons Learned

Hindsight is always 20/20 and the journey is a big chunk of the fun, however, there are things I wish I had been conscious of when getting started. (I’m not a big should of, could of, would of person.)

There is no way to begin a goal, a challenge, a business without making mistakes and stubbing your toe. The key is: don’t let it deter you, distract you or discourage you beyond keeping going. While every journey is different, there is no question that they all include trial, error and lessons learned.

This is what I wish I would have embraced sooner in my expedition: it’s ok to fail, but it’s even better to keep going – trust the process.

My word/phrase for the first half of this year was keep going. Presently, my word is rally.

Life, endeavors and our day-to-day are full of seasons; seasons of ups, down, sleepless nights, questioning ones ability and ultimately determining what we want our life to be, look like and consist of.

Trust the process – the process that takes us not from point A to point Z, but from point A through Z; the process that teaches us diligence, persistence and dang it, hard work; the process that usually reveals a growth in oneself amidst the chaos.

I look at people I admire and look up to and acknowledge the process they must have endured to get to where they are. Textured, layered and full of stories – my favorite kind of people.

Whatever your goal, dream or challenge – trust the process. Trust the ups, the downs and everything in between. They are helping to shape your path and keep you growing. Keep going. And as they say: embrace the journey.



Hi gals and guys! With EB’s new space opened and nearly complete, I thought what better time to introduce you to and let you in on our story, who we are and what we do. 

Upon relocating back to Kansas after a five-year stint in Dallas, EB originated in the Riverside neighborhood of Wichita – making use of a small esthetics room in a hair salon. Unsure of the future, I worked an 8-5 day job in addition to taking clients evenings and weekends. Halfway through my lease I knew I needed to decide whether I was going to pursue EB full time or continue juggling multiple gigs. I stumbled upon a 400 sq ft rental in Clifton Square and took the leap of faith – I quit my job and went for it. 

This 400 sq ft bungalow was everything I dreamed of and more: quaint, adorable, comfy, cozy, free smells. 

It wasn’t until I was selected to join an instructor training course for lash extensions through Bella Lash that I knew I needed more room for teachings and students. 

And now here we are – in 1400 sq ft of pure heaven and comfyness within Clifton Square. 

We specialize in lash extensions, clean skincare, handcrafted goods and free smells (come in and smell for yourself!). Recently we added a dear friend and artist to our team, Audrey Cotton. She is newly certified in lash extensions and is a master makeup artist. We are honored and thrilled to have her on our team and to add professional makeup application to our service menu. Check her out: AudreyCottonMUA

In addition to esthetic and makeup services we offer a wide variety of organic, natural, gluten-free, vegan and hand-crafted skin care products – home goods – jewelry. 

The journey has been fun, entertaining and full of gratitude. Thank you for your continual love + support. Pop in and say hi! 

Follow us at: EB Instagram + EB Facebook


Right Place Right Time 

…when the light bulb goes off: I’m right where I’m meant to be. 

Today: I spoke freely to a gal and inquisitively asked her story. Her story encompasses hurt, struggle and the pursuit of redemption from decisions gone wrong. 

Hardly knowing this person, I shared a piece of my past that flipped a switch for me. We all have them. Our humbling, drop to our knees, “I surrender” seasons. They don’t define us – they piece us together. And thanks to these moments we are textured, layered and multi-dimensional humans. Thank God. 

You never know what to expect when you just throw it out there. Hopefully this gal felt peace and encouragement that we are all just like her. Hopefully she felt the love from one imperfect being to another. 

“Hope begins in the dark, the stubborn hope that if you just show up and try to do the right thing, the dawn will come. You wait and watch and work: you don’t give up.” Anne Lamott 

I Want to Remember…

It’s a Tuesday. It was a cooler morning but what a beautiful day it grew into. 

Today I want to remember my client telling me how she adopted her son from China. Her explanation of how he was tiny, with a big head and how he looked different than the pictures she had seen of him. What a description. I hope she wrote that down somewhere to cherish forever. She is trying to raise him speaking both English and Vietnamese but proclaimed his stubbornness. He hugged me tightly before he left – His name is Ian. 

Today I want to remember the soulful conversation I had with a woman whom is a client but I can already tell will be a dear friend. The greatest compliment, she gave to me today: I love how you are just, you. Real, honest, gutsy conversations – those are the ones that get me; they feed my soul. 

Enjoy your journey. 

Until next time. 

I Want to Remember…

Today I want to remember the simplicity of a gloomy, drizzly day and how it put a lightness in my step. A March day that mimicked spring; the smells, the cloudiness, the 70 degree temperature. Green, trees and flowers are beginning to sprout at the Arb; birds are sounding through the day. Spring is coming. 

Today I want to remember meaningful conversation with a dear friend. We conversed, got real and eventually laughed over a box of Asian fans. Do you ever crave soulful conversations? That’s this friend. She’s full of real-ness and soul. Just what everyone needs. 

Today I want to remember the orange Tiger Lily, amid birthday flowers, that opened, eye to the sky, bloomed. Wow. Yesterday she was enveloped but today, flourishing. 

“I decided that the single most subversive, revolutionary thing I could do was to show up for my life and not be ashamed.” Anne Lamott

Good day, friends. 

Help, Thanks, Wow

“Being a candle is not easy: in order to give light one must first burn.” Rumi 

Help, Thanks, Wow: the three essential prayers. 

THANKS God, for giving me another day. Thank You for giving me my own set of trials to grow + bloom from. I do not sit in angst but rather embrace the crazy moments. Thank You for keeping me steady 🌸 



“You Can Do Anything”

A few months back it was suggested to me that I might be some sort of empath OR highly sensitive person (HSP). (Real nice, right?!) I began doing some research to discover what HSP truly meant and eventually uncovered that there is such thing as an experienced HSP; the ability to utilize the trait versus give it control.

We all have our “thing”, right? Our shortcomings, work in progresses, struggles, inadequacies and medicated (or lack thereof) diagnoses. I began to wonder if what trips us up is not our thing, exactly, but rather our lack of being honest about our thing and learning how to become an experienced one. 

A friend once told me, “We are all struggling. The difference is whether we learn to struggle well.”

I am fortunate enough to be surrounded by a sisterhood of sorts. From clients to small groups, friends and family, I hear and am witness to women’s testimonies, experiences, struggles and moments of glory. Life. And I am reminded daily that we are all on a journey experiencing very real things and objections. 

I was told late last year, “you can do anything”. That statement rings in my ear and echoes in my mind; it is the mantra that my heart and soul will not let go of…You can do anything. And it reignited in me that I can

What I once thought were set backs in my life revealed to be pillars of growth and renewal; moments of humility and on-my-knees surrender; realizations that what I once viewed as a weakness in myself quite possibly had a strength hidden within it as well. And ultimately I grasped that these moments and setbacks are piecing me into the tapestry I am – providing me the backbone and guts to look myself in the mirror daily and know I am worthy, I am a hot mess and most importantly, I can do anything. 

So with this, I pass the torch: Y O U can do anything. 

Whatever your narrative, whatever you think it is you can’t handle, whatever your objection, inhibitor or thing – you can do anything. Know it in your bones and at the center of your deepest core for it begins in you. 

Have trust in your journey, your testimony and your ups and downs. They are providing you the strength, courage and revelation that you can go on; that you can do anything. 

You are worthy. You may be a hot mess. And you definitely can do anything. 

Don’t doubt it.