The month of October had me feeling headless, emotionally strung out & eventually seeking self-evaluation. Me, in general, has always had a lot of work to do. I grew up annoyingly on the defense, outspoken & overly sensitive. I love people. I love people hard. Too hard sometimes. Hard in the sense of wanting to shake people lose of their insecurities, doubts & fears; in the sense of already knowing what they’re capable of; in the sense of knowing what the wind will feel like on their face when they decide to fly. If they will only choose to release & fly. 

The key word: choose. 

We are all given choices. Pastor Groeschel spoke yesterday on The Time is Now. He spoke about how we come onto moments in our life where something is weighing on our heart, possibly a calling, and rather than acting on it we stumble upon opposition.  We possibly choose the “easy wrong” over the “hard right”. 

To write is a calling pressed upon my heart. It is the greatest joy for me and yet a discipline as well. It is a discipline because my opposition is T I M E. The easy wrong for me in writing is choosing my cell phone, choosing to sleep the extra hour & not being intentional about designating time. 

Time is so sacred. Our choices are equally sacred. The daily choices of whom, what, when, where, how. 

I am in a season of intentional sharpening. Daily, I am seeking ways to refine my mind, actions & words; I am looking to point the finger at myself before ever looking around; I am eager to hug people amidst their joys & concerns but rather than wearing the struggles of others allowing God to be God and trusting in the power of prayer versus my own strength, words & actions. 

I am in a season of looking at the fall leaves and beyond color, seeing life & transformation. I am in a season of slowing down, absorbing the little things & working on my inner flicker, light & passion. 

I am thankful for this season; it is equally inspirational & polishing. It has been a beautiful fall. The winter months will surely uncover its own beauty.  


Intangible Friends

Unchartered territory: stumbling upon someone you know via social media but up until now, never meeting them face to face.

What a funny & new concept to ultimately know a lot about someone but to have never met them. And then, on occasion, you do cross each other’s paths and you think…

“Hey, I know you!
Buut, I don’t?
Soo, how’s your dog?”

So what’s the protocol here? Is it the typical introduction & inquisitive nature to find out more about them or is it acceptable to start shooting from the hip on topics/things we clearly already know they take part in?

Is there a fine line between seeming nosey and just being friendly?

That being said, tis the beauty of social media: to connect with individuals, near & far, with the toss-up of linking up beyond the profile & filter & alternately in the flesh. [planned or unplanned is TBD]

The world is a great big place. I’m thankful I live in a time where I am able to share my life & passions with others & find inspirations in others social media contributions as well.

Cheers to sorting through the [maybe] awkwardness of meeting our social media frans in the flesh & even [maybe] becoming tangible friends.


thursday |boost|

• • •
” I noticed you counter yourself a lot.
Don’t let your options, potential possibilities & self expectations overwhelm or confuse you.
Read your personality & see the simplicity of it all.
You are inherently simple, artistic & beautiful.
It’s ok to sometimes life in the gray.
Just have faith.
Keep your head up.
An undeniable law that will work in your favor is simply: you reap what you sow.
You appear to sow bountifully, so you know what that means.”
• • •

To my soul sister Paige: I am grateful for you, your friendship, these words you spoke into me & for allowing me in your awesome bubble.

Happy #ThankfulThursday friends.


“Respond to every call that excites your spirit.” – Rumi