The month of October had me feeling headless, emotionally strung out & eventually seeking self-evaluation. Me, in general, has always had a lot of work to do. I grew up annoyingly on the defense, outspoken & overly sensitive. I love people. I love people hard. Too hard sometimes. Hard in the sense of wanting to shake people lose of their insecurities, doubts & fears; in the sense of already knowing what they’re capable of; in the sense of knowing what the wind will feel like on their face when they decide to fly. If they will only choose to release & fly. 

The key word: choose. 

We are all given choices. Pastor Groeschel spoke yesterday on The Time is Now. He spoke about how we come onto moments in our life where something is weighing on our heart, possibly a calling, and rather than acting on it we stumble upon opposition.  We possibly choose the “easy wrong” over the “hard right”. 

To write is a calling pressed upon my heart. It is the greatest joy for me and yet a discipline as well. It is a discipline because my opposition is T I M E. The easy wrong for me in writing is choosing my cell phone, choosing to sleep the extra hour & not being intentional about designating time. 

Time is so sacred. Our choices are equally sacred. The daily choices of whom, what, when, where, how. 

I am in a season of intentional sharpening. Daily, I am seeking ways to refine my mind, actions & words; I am looking to point the finger at myself before ever looking around; I am eager to hug people amidst their joys & concerns but rather than wearing the struggles of others allowing God to be God and trusting in the power of prayer versus my own strength, words & actions. 

I am in a season of looking at the fall leaves and beyond color, seeing life & transformation. I am in a season of slowing down, absorbing the little things & working on my inner flicker, light & passion. 

I am thankful for this season; it is equally inspirational & polishing. It has been a beautiful fall. The winter months will surely uncover its own beauty.  



I finished the alchemist + began a discussion group with a handful of gals; they are equally promoting self-growth. 

In our first week we discussed positivity in addition to the power in letting things, people and circumstances go that do not serve us and are potentially prompting negativity in our lives. How often do we find ourselves holding onto things, people and circumstances in fear of the unknown, in attempt to fix it/them or in hopes it will pan out? 

To acknowledge that something is not good for us is empowering, liberating and down right good. 

“If you are brave enough to say goodbye, life will reward you with a new hello…” – Paulo Coelho

Intentional living of the week: allow space, breathing room + meditation with the Divine to give us discernment of whether some thing or someone should be released. Maybe there is another time for it, maybe there isnt. But there is peace in the mystery too, if we can view it as so. 


Grey Life

[patience: composure, backbone, cool…trust.]

[virtue: goodness, quality, purity…faith.]

The practice of the first while in pursuit of the second have me presently living in the grey; in the still & calmness as time continues to shed light on the virtue of patience.

Because patience is hard & it’s challenging & because it’s part of our journey that sometimes takes us a different direction than we originally planned.

But rather than seek discouragement I will chase peace. I will chase laughter. I will treasure the beauty in my grey life I entertain today because there’s something to soak up in this moment of limbo; I’m sure of it.

My journey, my work in progress, my adventure, my truth; if only I have eyes to see it as such. To fight the misconceptions that I should be anything or anywhere other than where my two feet ground right now. To know my purpose is to serve the present without the fixated thoughts of tomorrow(s).

And while this is not my first limbo, nor will it be my last, I hope to continually get better at riding the waves as I keep my eye to the sky & my face to the Sun.

Cheers to our journey; our truth. ☀️



“Free yourself from following other people’s path or worrying you are not “on track”. You feel real freedom in direct proportion to how connected you are to living your truth — embrace the beautifully crooked path right beneath your own two feet. There is no where else you “should” be, step fully into the space you are standing at this moment. It is your own, and where true freedom lies.”




2014 | 2015

“Wellllllll…that was a year of transitions.” … [And I say this. Every. Year.]

New jobs
New friends made
New geographical whereabouts
New adventures
New growth spurts

I was once afraid of transition or change. Believing that we are supposed “to know” our direction, set forth to find it & stick with it. But that’s so unlike my life?

And this year was no exception.

However! This year I acknowledged the comfort in knowing:

Tests turn into testimonies
Struggles turn into stories
Trials turn into triumphs

The will, the plan, the flow of life…

It’s sometimes hard to understand & always easy to fight — but my mind and soul are at ease when I take it in stride & know that whatever is happening is for a specific reason & I’m thankful to be a work in progress.

So while I love the idea of resolutions, history continues to prove itself that it just doesn’t seem to work out the way I [maybe you too?] originally thought it would. Therefore, I aim for mini goals, improvements, adjustments I can make to my everyday behaviors, my everyday flow of life.

• begin each day with thanksgiving, prayer & meditation.

• serve in the House that serves me. LifeChurch continues to fuel my thankful heart for an amazing House to call home.

• I am switching yoga studios in order to increase my knowledge, strength & ability; [mini goal] I plan to go confidently despite my insecurities.

• learn a new skill & this year I’m striving for Spanish.

• rekindle an old joy: sitting down to play the piano.

• become an even better dietician to myself & continue working toward an alkaline body. [Bulletproof Diet]

• give into my wanderlust & experience new cultures.

• listen more, talk less.

• look people in the eye.

• say thank you.

• unsubscribe from junk mail, any company I no longer want mail from & GROUPON. [you know what I’m talking about.]

• remember that the log in my eye is much more important than the speck in someone else’s.

• to be a continual seeker of goodness, light & my maker.

Cheers to 2015: May it be a year of thankfulness for all we have, serving those who need us, growth, continuous laughs & adventure.


“What you seek is seeking you.” – Rumi