Good Friday 

We have a kitty (well, she’s a cat…I refer to them all as kitties) named Mouser. Mouser was once a feral kitty but with a little attention, love & patience she has become a loving, domesticated & mostly non-scratching feline. 

However, she meows. I feed her, I give her water, let her out when she requests & yet she still meows. It wasn’t until Tree mentioned “she wants you to hold her” that it dawned on me… 

She doesn’t need food, doesn’t need water & doesn’t need let out — she simply needs love. 

How true is this of us humans? How often do we need a hug, a squinch, a pick-me-up, encouragement, a sign that someone cares? 

Thank you Jesus for Your sacrifice on this day. May I be a walking testimony of the grace You’ve given me; showing love, compassion, patience, selflessness, no bias, no judgement, a light in the world as You have been & are toward me. 

May we all be lead by the guidance of L O V E over all else & embrace all with a compassionate heart. 

A Good Friday, it is indeed.  





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